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Howdy all-  it’s been a great summer, my new head housekeeper has this place so great

I’m just a bundle of joy every day..  if you’ve ever been at a bus stop at the end of the first day of kindergarten?  when the kids get off the bus and run for their parents?  (yes, my boys both separately ran for their mother)  that’s how I feel about Jaime..  just so happy to  see her..  when she’s not sick..  or cranky..  or– well, I’m almost always happy to see her….  and as you can tell from the picture she is always happy to see me   — lets just leave it at that.

Anyway-  continue on to the the deal!


Tuesday or Wednesday or both nights..  I have  some open for Tuesday only (2)
I have some open for Tuesday & Wednesday only  (4 right now)

I have ONE as of this writing open for Wednesday alone

Book any of these, and will give you the better of 10% off the rate, or no extra adult charges.. whatever comes out lower…


It’s been a great summer  for guests and us,

and oh my god am I ever looking forward to next year now–


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