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This Monday on JUNE 25 I went to the JULY jubilee ( am i only one seeing a problem?) and entered a taffy sculpting contest.I am still getting taffy out of my teeth… i mean um…… *cough*cough*. so i said for the age group i was 12 and the man said i am in a 9-12 table, i thought OK at lest there be some people my age…… apparently not. i was literary the only one in the table that was over 10 and 3 feet away was everyone my age to15, and everyone else who lied about there age, sigh. so i thought oh well i might actually win….or get beat by a 4 year old (i really was beat by a 4 year old) so I made a boardwalk out of  taffy. then it rained and melted it and i squished it , so now i have the worlds best impressionist painting 😀 (not hating on impressionist painters if your reading) and then a little kid made a light saber and completely beat me.oh, the rain stopped now i have to go feed fluffy (the ‘monster’ in the boiler room that controls the hotels lights). anyways, i got beat and got the official July jubilee losers ribbon, it says ‘participant’ but we all know what it means. that’s about it

-your faithful servant  the underling

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