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Unit 302 is a family-owned shore themed Unit on the third floor which offers a view of the beautiful ocean from the bedroom as well as the Ferris wheel when sitting out front. The living room is decorated with a shore theme to give you that “beach” feeling. There is a pull out sofa with a queen sized bed as well as a brand new TV and DVD player. The floor was redone and the kitchen area includes a coffee nook, bagel toaster and room to store food and snacks. The refrigerator is one year new and the kitchenette is fully stocked with adult and kid plates, cups and silverware. The bathroom is decorated with a beach shower curtain and rugs and the sink area also maintains a beach decor. he bedroom features two queen sized beds with brand new quality bedding. A large screen TV is mounted on the wall which swivels for easy viewing. A DVD player is also included with the hopes that the kids will be so tired from a fun day on the beach, boardwalk or water park that they will fall quickly asleep! This suite can accommodate six adults. Please enjoy your stay and we hope you enjoy Ocean City as much as we do. (May 2018)

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