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If you wish to ensure booking this specific room;
Please contact the motel directly to confirm availability (609) 398-2200

· One Queen Bed Television and heat/ac unit
· Iron & Board · Luggage Rack
· Tub with shower, separate sinks for kitchen and bathroom use
· Maximum occupancy of Two and infant (with pack and play an option)
· Kitchenette with
Two burner stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink, Coffee maker, toaster,
cookware and table service for four~ Everything forks to a frying pan
Table with seating for two
· Can accommodate pack & play ($5/night additional)

Daily rates have the greatest flexibility in terms of nights offered,
and are the only way to guarantee booking a specific room.

A first nights deposit is required which can be made by credit card or check. Rates shown are for 1-2 persons over age 11.
Seven nights notice is required for a return of deposit, less $15.00 fee. 
This information is updated daily, minor increases occur as we book. to book this room, call us  (609) 398-2200

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