(609) 398-2200
Arrival Departure Adults Kids Promo Code (?):


Repeat guest and WORD of Mouth discounts
There is a significant discount available for repeat guests
use promo code WOMD for daily rate stays with this discount
This discount is no longer available at ten days prior to arrival.
you cannot be guaranteed a room assignment with these rates
(requests will be honored after all full rate bookings are filled)

Promo codes in use (except for pre-arranged groups)
WEEK & NOHK work for the 5 & more night specials
where NOHK is extreme spring and fall only
4/2719-6/6/19  (checkout 7th)   and 9/6/19-10/13-19 (checkout 14th)
MEM is used for both Memorial and Columbus day specials

ADA 2010 edition limits service animals
to trained dogs and miniature ponies.
I’ve yet to have a miniature pony on site, but I’ll allow it if it’s genuine.
No Cats, No Emotional support animals.  Sorry.
Locally acquired hermit crabs will be tolerated~
We’ll even crab sit on checkout day so they don’t bake in the car.

It is ALWAYS suggested you CALL us (609) 398-2200
Daily Rate stays require 7 days advance notice
For a refund of your deposit less $15.00
Multi Night Specials & Holiday Specials
require 14 days notice for a refund less $15.00 fee

Changes to dates:  
Dates of stay may not be altered upon check in. 
Accommodations are held for the dates of your reservations 
You are responsible for the entire stay as booked 
Changes must be made by cancellation date
which vary based on booking rate
Most daily rate stays require 7 days advance notice
Specials require three weeks advance notice

All reservations must be guaranteed with a payment in advance. Daily Rate stays can be guaranteed with a credit card.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cash and Checks. Multi Day and Holiday Specials require 50% deposit by mail only. Except for some large groups, all reservations can benefit from a 3% cash discount. It requires mailing a check for a deposit, and paying the balance in cash on arrival.  But checks must be received at motel no less than 14 days before arrival. 

Except for some large pre arranged groups
someone staying in the room must be 21
Yes, we’ve had to evict young adults checked in
by their parents when the parents were gone.
No, there are no refunds for these circumstances

You may arrive as early as you wish on arrival day & register.
Pick up beachtags (in season) and use the restroom (also to change)
And pool when it opens (deck at 8, swimming at 9)
We can not guarantee your room before 3 PM
We can not guarantee parking on-site before 1 PM on arrival day
all parking is assigned, and departing guests have until 12:59 
(Same as you will)

Checkout time is 11AM You can park until 12:59 PM
Use the pool, outside shower, lobby restroom, & tags all day!
If you want to make a long day of checkout,
talk to the desk before your last night
7th & many adjacent streets are free parking,
if you move it late at night the night before
you can leave it for free while
enjoying an additional day at the shore!

if you don’t have ez-pass,
have $1.50 in change for the exit 30 GSP into Ocean City
Rooms are stocked with room towels and linens,
Bathrooms have toilet paper, bath and nose tissue, toiletries such as soap & shampoo and dish soap
Kitchens are stocked with cutlery, dishes, cups, bowls, plates, pots & pans, dish soap, paper towels.
At the desk we have towels for the Pool, but not for the beach!
Do bring beach towels, sunny dispositions,
and a camera for the memories!

We do offer discounts for group bookings
As few as 4 rooms booked together may qualify
Call the motel directly (609) 398-2200 to inquire

All stays* are eligible for a 3% discount for cash
if booked sufficiently in advance or in person

There are discounts to the daily rate available
for repeat guests and word of mouth referrals;
These must be booked with the hotel directly or
on our website, at least ten days in advance of arrival.

The best discounts available require booking three weeks out. Have no charge for extra adults, and require a 50% deposit by mail or in person, as well as 14 days notice to cancel. Specific rooms by number can not be guaranteed on these specials.

· Stays of 5 nights & longer on most room types all season long
   Suites get an extra 10% off when deposit received by Memorial day
· Memorial Weekend for three nights
· Columbus day weekend for two nights

For the Memorial & Columbus day weekend specials,
an extra night is only $50.00+ taxes for efficiencies
and only $60.00+ taxes for suites

*except some group rates

What information did you not find??? (new website & all)

10 + 14 =


The entire property is now smoke free! This includes Vaping
This change will allow families to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze
without second hand smoke.
We kindly ask if you want to smoke you do so off property.
Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the property, including our parking lot and breezeways.

And an ice machine available on 3rd & 4th fl
There is a coke machine on the first floor just off the lobby.
(Sodas do not actually spin in machine)   😜

27″ or better in all rooms
Most are at least 32″ 
Over 70 channels from Comcast
including CSN sportsnet

Open every day of the season. Heated in spring and fall.
Most days the deck is unlocked at 8 AM for laying out.
That is when vacuuming begins, swimming starts
as soon as that is done~ but by 9 AM
Pool is open until 5 PM, and deck until 8 PM
Most days Swimming is fine until 8 PM as well
Guests all seem to love our pool

Complimentary and included one space per rental
Parking begins at 1 PM on arrival day
You may park until 12:59 on departure*
Parking is assigned by room:
If you have an exceptionally large car
Hummer, F-250, please call us before arrival
so we can attempt to match your room to a 
suitable space.

*If you want to stretch out your departure day
Get in touch with the desk BEFORE going to bed
on your last night, 7th st is free, and street parking
is often easily found in the evening, allowing you 
to leave it all day of departure, and still using
our public facilities.

Most liberal policy on the island
Included with all stays, for all occupants of the room
(not required for those 11 & Under)
You may pick them up on the morning of your arrival
And return them at dark on the day of your departure

We have about 800 DVD’s free to lend through the front desk.
A wide range of entertainment*  but no ‘adult’ movies.
every room has at least one DVD player.

—  We get a lot of these movies from regular guests,
if you have any movies you’ve outgrown, feel free to
donate to our collection, we love it all……

We have ONE restroom right off the lobby
you are welcome to use it from arrival morning
through the night of your departure.

It’s quite large, and you may use it to
change into/out of swimwear as well.

Yes, we have one.  Yes, it goes to all 4 floors.
(yes, we get asked weirder questions than that)

We do have WIFI available. Two passes are free per stay
After that there is a charge per machine.
$2.00 per day · $5.00 per week
Your machine will have to be capable
of loading web pages to be added to the network

The signal does not reach the bedrooms of all suites
You may test the connection for 15 minutes for free

Bring a lock!  we have a very large bike rack in front of the lobby,
(and behind the desk we have tools for minor repairs including a pump)

We have a coin laundry on the second floor
two washers & two dryers
And sell single load boxes of laundry soap and
fabric softener through the front desk

The lobby bookshelf has a variety of games and paperback and hardback books.
You are more than welcome to take games to your room (Honor System)
and if you need to take a book home with you to finish it- the only rule there is
You have to come back next year and stay a night when you return it  

There are five marked accessible parking spots adjacent to the lobby, one of which is marked out for a lift van
The lobby has ramps on both the main and side entrance, as well as a signaling device (doorbell) to reach the desk if needed
The front desk has a wheelchair height registration desk, and the route from parking lot to accessible rooms is very direct

The Ocean 7 has three handicap accessible rooms, all of which feature roll in showers with a shower chair.
The internal bathroom doors are extra wide.
101 on the ground floor has one queen bed, one sofa bed, and a rollaway or crib can be added for a maximum capacity of five
219 and 223 on the second floor have one queen bed, a crib or rollaway can be added for a maximum of three occupants
All three rooms feature roll-in showers,  and grab bars around the commode.

The hotel also has a lift that goes from the pool deck into the water (self-operable) and a second lift that goes from
the parking lot level to the pool deck.  Spring 2019 note- our lift from the ground level to the pool deck is being replaced
we anticipate the work being complete soon. It is possible today to take the main elevator to the second floor,
go down with gravity to the pool deck, use that lift, and when leaving the pool take the stairs to the ground level.

ADA qualified service animals are welcome, unfortunately we do not accept ESA animals.


Daily beginning at 6 AM
We’ll start it early if anyone asks the night before.
Regular, Decaf if we must, and at least 8 Bigelow teas.
Real 1/2&1/2, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and paper cups
as we don’t much care for the impact of Styrofoam.
Service is scheduled until 11AM, but most days is on til dark.

Open and staffed 24 hours per day
Check in begins at 3pm, and checkout should be completed by 11am
At the desk you can also get change, borrow movies, ask questions
get movie times, crack a joke, ask for an animal balloon, or just drink coffee.

Except for some specials in the spring and fall
As with any motel, housekeeping will service rooms daily
Staff typically perform these duties between 9am an 4pm
If needed, supplies can be had at any hour through the front desk

Typically staff are on hand from 9am through 5pm all Season
Weekends and all summer, 8AM to 10PM
for any issues should they arise.   

The fee for rollaways or cribs (Pack-n-Play) is $5.00 per night + tax
Bedding is included for rollaways, a removable/washed/independent liner is to be found on the pack and play

We have twin sized rollaways available to add to regular and decorator suites
also our HCA* accessible rooms, our ground floor large rooms, and that is it.
Our efficiencies & corner kings cannot accommodate a rollaway
Adding a rollaway to a suite will NOT mean you can have 7 people over the age of 2

*Rollaways will be provided free of charge for care givers of folks needing HCA assistance


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