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Well, management is back to work,  we’ve been bringing in lots of change for 2018,
And I daresay, it will all add up to a definite improvement you can look forward to for your stay.
We’ve picked up a bunch of new room owners, and they’re all very excited to update the state of the building.

· We are now smoke free,  you’ll have to take it to the sidewalk….
  Smoking will be limited to over the property line always–  This’ll be interesting…
· We’ve had 15 standard suites updated by one owner, and lots of others are changing.
  By opening less than 20% of the suites will have double beds remaining….
· We’re going to see a great deal of room standards changing, mostly growing into it.
· We now have on-line booking available for all stays, and you can now do it all online including credit cards
· And YAY!  a new and pretty website to show you the rooms!  (this is it 😊 )
· Our pool lift is getting replaced, as well as an ice machine
· The exterior and halls upstairs have seen powerwashing
· Paint!  Hundreds (ok, at least 50) gallons of paint being applied throughout, inside and out!

I’m taking calls every Monday & Thursday from 10-4,  also Saturdays 10-2  (609) 398-2200
I’m dying to know what you think of the website–  anything I missed?  let me know in the comments….
Staff return at the end of this month to turn on the water and clean the rooms-  I’ll keep you updated!

Look around, kick the tires- let me know what you think of the new Website–  I’m still working on it
But it’s finally in enough of a state of readiness to share- 
And I expect that all the changes will only improve your vacation experience with us…. 

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