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So Memorial weekend is coming up, and not enough of you are coming.
(who doesn’t need the weekend off,  not this guy!)

If you get down Friday, I’m planning to march into the Ocean again..
At Noon the on 25th

Soooooo-  I’ll still offer the Memorial weekend special rates, Rooms starting at $420+ tax
Suites starting at $450+ tax for three nights,  extra nights only $50.00 & $60.00
and that right up until at least the ten day forecast is available.

4 nights in the room, comes to as much as  ~55% off the rack daily rate
58.47% off the rack rate for the suites..  

Also, This Saturday, in 2 days, Martin is all set to check his shadow for summer.
11 AM,  9th St Beach

It’ll be too late to cancel when you book, but that’s what makes it a game,  🙂


“Scary clown with hammer” by Eden, Janine and Jim
From some nice web people under a creative common license here


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