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Greetings and Salutations,

I am the Rev. (some people call me Steven, meh) If you know who I am look forward to seeing you again. If you do not know me I am one of the smiling and dorky faces behind the desk. I am the outdoor geek here. I bicycle here most days and I bought a life jacket to come back to OCNJ because I am a kayaking geek. If you Geocache, Munzee, Pokemon Go, or Ingress (WOW I am impressed if you are a Ingress player). Hit me up love to have a conversation with you. I believe in all OC holidays talk like a pirate day should be a federal holiday in my opinion. I will be doing odd pictures and blurbs here and there. I take a lot of pictures of birds on the back bay.

Here is my latest outing to enjoy one of OCNJ special days that you have to be here to appreciate.

If you know anything about us we love Martin Z Mollusk who holds a special place in our heart. What you have never heard of this amazing crustacean? Well here is about Martin Z Mollusk. Martin is a hermit crab that predicts if summer will come early. Now Martin does not predict for the United States nor even the rest of New Jersey no he only tells us for our Grand Island Ocean City, NJ.

Every year Martin is led by a parade of Scouts, Miss Ocean City, Miss Junior Ocean City, and a police escort. Martin is placed in the ring of truth this year a lovely green hula-hoop and if he sees his Shadow summer will come a week early for OCNJ. This year Martin had a accompaniment of singers from OCNJ middle school who sang the National Anthem and the Ocean City theme song. The event had people lined up along the music pier and camped out in beach chairs to witness this magical crustacean tell us of our impending status. Martin was placed on the sand while about 200 people waited in antici——pation and Martin saw his shadow. It is official summer will be a week early but only to Ocean City, NJ.

Now being gone for the past four years I was impressed to see the addition of a 20+ foot tall inflatable of Martin. He was tied down with Lifeguard stands (of course). I was encouraged by nefarious individuals to bring the inflatable back to the motel. I assure you the OCNJ police were in full force to protect Martin and hold back this rowdy crowd.

The Martin mascot was on hand to do high fives and selfies with visitors of all ages. Martin makes his permanent home in the visitor center on the 9th street bridge where he can be visited with his wife Molly. I am sad to report I have not seen his new digs yet but will soon. The OCNJ special event coordinator has asked that if you take pictures of OCNJ events you use the hashtag #OCNJevents2018 and of course if you are staying with us or want us to see and possibly share your beach memories Mark and I would love to see them using the tag #Ocean7Rocks.

This is Ocean City wildness started by a genius named Mark Soifer, I will not go into all of his exploits as they are here in  our blog and several other events he came up with will be featured this summer on our blog.


Until next time,

The Rev.

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