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Ok, I actually went for the half time show..  Hulu Girls, Airplane Acrobatics, and turtles…
Mascots lined up to run

The field is fierce!


The Ocean City Nor’easters , our local soccer team has their home base just one block from the motel.  Tickets were a modest $6 (children $4) and according to the schedule there are 3 home games left this year, all in July… 

The motivator for me however, was that today there was the First Annual Ocean City Mascot Race.  Local groups with a ‘mascot’ all were represented in a footrace that was not be believed..
Representation included the “Nor’easters” own “Storm Chaser ”  (red airplane)  Wonderbear of Wonderland (wonderland also being a block away) the Pirate Store “Pirate”,  the Air Circus hula “girl”, McGruff the Crime Dog,  Scute the turtle (“Gooooo ‘Scute!”), a mouse I don’t know the affiliation of, and our very own Mark Soifer as “Trash Busters”     Bubbles were EVERYWHERE and the mood was grim… 

The race began!  and then it was over..  I didn’t know what to expect, so my coverage is spotty at best..  I’ll be better prepared next time….
Photos follow  (I LOVE OCEAN CITY ZANY)– 


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