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Been doing a little studying of the season…
We’ve enjoyed a group of hopeful basketball players every spring for a number of years, and while they are still coming this year, they are coming a little later than usual…..

This deal will encompass Wonderbear’s Birthday at the outset, all rides for 1 ticket, and then fireworks!

So-for early June:  anything that is part of the first weekend that is for two nights that weekend,

weekend defined as Thurs&Fri, Fri & Sat, Sat&Sun or Sun & Mon at a minimum-
longer stays are also ok  🙂  it’ll be $50.00 + taxes off your stay…   just call and say you saw it on the blog….

Double down deal, Take Thurs-Mon or Fri-Tues and it’ll be $100.00+ tax off the stay
(daily rates only)

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