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Bargain of the Month! Hot Deal Coming..

Wow we've been busy.    This summer has been more full of surprises than I can even describe. It's shaping up to be an most excellent summer, and stuff is really running smooth.       We are now all in full summer mode, Fast Eddie on the roof is shouting our hosannas...

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It’s Monday? Who knew?

You should be here. The pool is warm, and it is byoootiful out. We're just about dead in the office, working our phone fingers to the bone.... there are a VERY few days left to book memorial weekend on the special, and at this point you'll have to call us to do it. ...

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A little spring excursion….. Hot deal coming through!

Did I mention?  The Reverend Steven has returned for this summer?  Well he has. Today I sent him on a little errand--  I sped the video up by about 50% also... I've got this new camera that I intend to employ around town soon,  today he took it for a test spin.. The...

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I’m kinda weary

Opening is tomorrow. 36 odd new beds, (mostly queens) 20 I think new fridges About 20 rooms with new floors. Sooooooo much trash to haul out. I gave away everything I could find a home for. 130 new blankets, 3,200 new towels of various sizes. Buckets of paint. 60 new...

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I’m really impressed.

These guys don't mess around. A great many suites got new beds delivered today. this morning, two trucks pull in, and they just flip them right from the back of the truck to the second floor. Then they start flipping from the third to the fourth floor. I've never seen...

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New Website, Welcome to 2018!

Well, management is back to work,  we've been bringing in lots of change for 2018, And I daresay, it will all add up to a definite improvement you can look forward to for your stay. We've picked up a bunch of new room owners, and they're all very excited to update the...

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It’s like getting ready for a date.

So the crew is here for Powerwashing our cement, exterior pool walls, and half the walkways upstairs. We're due shortly a lot of fresh paint, main stairwell, halls upstairs and more Vive la appearance? And here's the result!  the photo sees all,  but it's vastly...

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