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Wow we’ve been busy.    This summer has been more full of surprises than I can even describe.
It’s shaping up to be an most excellent summer, and stuff is really running smooth.

      We are now all in full summer mode, Fast Eddie on the roof is shouting our hosannas to the sand,
and the first heatwave of the summer is here!   In addition to some off-book specials
for unusual spaces over the 4th holiday (I have a really expensive 2 night,
and I have a couple of cheap multiple night stays)  I have a BARGAIN going over
the weekdays following the 4th…  call us..

 for July Sun-Thurs Nights the 8th-12, and again 15th-19th I have real deals.
The kind that make you wanna spring for a room for your mother in law..

This will be the best deals of the summer, and when I get ahead by about 10-20 bookings it’ll go away…

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