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Did I mention?  The Reverend Steven has returned for this summer?  Well he has.
Today I sent him on a little errand–  I sped the video up by about 50% also…

I’ve got this new camera that I intend to employ around town soon,  today he took it for a test spin..
The boardwalk was about 50% open,  lots of places–  as the video runs you can drag it with the mouse to change the viewpoint..  I intend to get better with this..  you know- make it level–  but even at this time of the year it can be really nice to hit the boards and wander…   
First hot deal of 2018—  now that the WOMD* rate is no longer available at ten days before arrival— so right now anyone who wants to stay this weekend May 4/5/6
it’s 10% off rack for one night, and 15% off rack for 2 or more nights, that means Fri & Sat start at 82.88+ tax
water looks start at 91.38+tx

–remember,  calling ten days ahead gets the best possible daily rate.   after that, it’s highly variable…
but with scenes like these,   it’s quite a worthy time to come relax with us even in early May…
*(repeat guest and word of mouth discount on the daily rate)

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