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Ok, so Thursday July 1st  is a great day for a night! All rates have hit the ground New reservations 1-2 people (kids still free)  rates from $100-$165 (and $165 is the penthouse-  nice day to get away!)

The Rev. is going to Jail

So working with family can always be fun, Marke is on the phone and says “yeah July 22nd he will be there”. He hangs up I wait and he tells me by the way July 22nd you are going to the pokey. I know better than to ask I am waiting to be told did he receive...

Employee of the Week

For most places, “employee of the week” is a distinguished title, but here at the Ocean 7 it is one we will have fun with. We are pleased to introduce (our employee of the week…hehehe) Sasha. Sasha comes from the Ukraine and his primary job is...

The Birds…..

Howard Stainton Wildlife Refuge is located on Bay Avenue between 23rd and 30th Street The land is approx. 16 Acres and is a great place to spend bird watching as they migrate through. I am surprised how few people come here and see the many different types of birds we...

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