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 A very common question Marke and I field. We store Marke in the back frozen until the next season (your not really surprised are you)? I am a bit of a nerd and do high tech treasure hunting called Geocaching.

    Geocaching pronounced (geo-cashing) is a modern day treasure hunt using GPS coordinates. People hide a container of different sizes and types made out of almost anything and put a log inside of it. Coordinates are placed online at www.geocaching.com where you can make an account for free. You use either a personal GPS device or Google maps (does raise the challenge a bit). After retrieving the coordinates and arriving at ground zero the true hunt begins because geocachers are great at hiding these in plain sight. How many times have you been on the boardwalk? There is currently three on the boardwalk. There may be one at the hotel???

     This is what I do quite a bit of in the winter feel free to ask me about this. I have been taken to several beautiful places that I never would have seen if not for caching.  There is other aspects such as track-able items and even a traveling exhibit but more information then I could share on this blog.

     – The Rev.

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