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(wakes up from sugar coma) so today I went to a cookie ‘sculpting’ contest where they hand you a cookie the size of your face and you have to sculpt it in to an object,
so they said “just eat the parts you dont need”…………      so i made a conspicuously empty plate which requires absolutely no cookies to make.

so after recovering from my sugar high/coma (i didn’t actually go in a coma, did i? *looks around conspicuously*)

so then me and the high overlord a.k.a. dad went to see the Atlantic city water show which was fun and THEN i walked the boardwalk until my feet got blisters(it hurts so bad) and am now being ordered to do menial tasks  that makes everyone else  cringe from pain and sheer boredom that they conveniently pass to me.

– your faithful servant the Underling

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