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I’m really impressed.

These guys don't mess around. A great many suites got new beds delivered today. this morning, two trucks pull in, and they just flip them right from the back of the truck to the second floor. Then they start flipping from the third to the fourth floor. I've never seen...

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New Website, Welcome to 2018!

Well, management is back to work,  we've been bringing in lots of change for 2018, And I daresay, it will all add up to a definite improvement you can look forward to for your stay. We've picked up a bunch of new room owners, and they're all very excited to update the...

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It’s like getting ready for a date.

So the crew is here for Powerwashing our cement, exterior pool walls, and half the walkways upstairs. We're due shortly a lot of fresh paint, main stairwell, halls upstairs and more Vive la appearance? And here's the result!  the photo sees all,  but it's vastly...

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Ocean City’s own “Night Out”

A neat thing,   second year I've attended :  the local police departments bring out their equipment for kids to play on,  speed boats, a swat cars, fire trucks, ambulances, a bounce house?!? Over the course of the evening at the sixth st field two different...

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So, I’m– writing less here..

Stuff is new,  the lobby for example-   I've gone over to the darkside. I'll still throw up the occasional piece here..  but for now-- the freshest of the fresh is on (sorry)  facebook. For more humor, see...

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A frackin sunday?

Work with me here,  I'm gonna tell a story-- then I'm gonna offer a deal, a useless deal..  a deal that is good for a Sunday night only. For those of you who've never had the pleasure..  I occasionally break out in song.. Sometimes-  I even will sing into the staff...

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the cookie contest

(wakes up from sugar coma) so today I went to a cookie 'sculpting' contest where they hand you a cookie the size of your face and you have to sculpt it in to an object, so they said "just eat the parts you dont need"............      so i made a conspicuously empty...

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WIFI! (Gosh I’ve been busy)

Since memorial weekend we've had wifi installed-  so far we've identified ONE room in the motel where it does not reach reliably--  (works on my machine, failed on one guest machine to date)  but  the rooms are still hardwired as well... Internet access rates have...

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