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Work with me here,  I’m gonna tell a story– then I’m gonna offer a deal, a useless deal..  a deal that is good for a Sunday night only.

For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure..  I occasionally break out in song..

Sometimes-  I even will sing into the staff radio systems..  (Real professional, I know, I know)
Also,  I occasionally attempt humor.   Today I tried mixing the two— at what Turned out to be a most inopportune time

I started with a song from the  Sound of music..  for whatever reason I just began belting out

“The Hills are alive….”  –which is usually followed up with  “the sounds of music (fa llalala) ” but today I was (cough) inspired…I immediately started speaking (ala Orson wells I suppose)  RUN!  RUN!  the Hills!  They are coming alive!  Run!


The real tragedy?  very few understood what I was attempting to communicate..  and those who did– no one laughed.


Well look who’s laughing now…..!   (hot deal after the break)

Sunday the 22nd of July is really twisted  – I gotta WHOLE LOTTA rooms that are open for just the one night.
Here’s the deal..  Call the motel and ask for Marke or Steven..  Say you saw it on the blog..  Any room that is open for Sunday alone (jammed up Sat & Mon) )  is 35% off.
Right now I got an FFL,  FFS,  SUI,  Coupla UFP’s,  coupla UFE’s available.
Reg rates (for 2) run $185-$250  plus tax-    the blog deal would make it $120.25-$162.50

Added bonus..  I got a few holes Wednesday the 18th..
if they are perfect fits for one night the 18th-  it’s 25% off for them…..

Ok,  I just dropped the rates for Sunday only to REALLY CHEAP

so the hotdeal is replaced…





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